My Christian Faith

We have moved our Christian faith articles to their new home at TwoEdged Sword. Please check out the many articles there addressing God's Word as it applies to the issues of our day.

Following are some links to articles and sites related to Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord.

Christmas Articles

Who is This Child ?
A short article explaining why Jesus is the same and yet different from every other man that has ever been born.

Why was He Born ?
A second article explaining the reason that Jesus was born.

Other Articles

Northeast Baptist Church .
This has been the church home for my wife and I since 2004. Pastored by Bro. Jerry Summy, a dear friend and wonderful pastor.

Way of Life Literature
A site containing articles and literature written and collected by David W Cloud, an independent fundamental Baptist missionary. These articles were very helpful to me in guiding me in my understanding and persuasion regarding the Baptist doctrines and history, the preeminence of the King James translation of the Bible and the errors of Calvinism (which I once held to).

Gospel Web
The website of the late missionary James Dearmore -- who had retired from his mission work in Africa but continued to serve the Lord through his website articles until shortly before his going home to glory in June of 2015.

The Uniqueness of Christ
A short article from the early 1900s concerning the unique nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why I Live for Christ
A short testimony of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me, and will do for you as well!

We Live in a World of Deception
An article based on ! Corinthians 6.9-11 and the dangers of being Deceived by sin.

How Will You Spend Your Last Day on Earth?
An article discussing the brevity and vanity of life in this world today and the coming judgments that we all will one day face.

An Important Article from the Jerusalem Post in 2015 on the Rise of Anti-Semitism

Problems that Israel was facing with Hamas, Europe and the United States in the Summer of 2014.
This is a video on You Tube of a speech by Caroline Glick of Israel (and the Jerusalem Post) speaking in Washington, DC at the Center for Security Policy's National Security Group Lunch on Capitol Hill on July 28, 2014. I don't normally address politics on our company's website, but I think that what she has to say is extremely important. Our nation's administration and its State Department need to wake up and abolish it's support of terrorists.
I find it interesting that as the President and his Department of State were supporting the Hamas terrorists and treating God's nation of Israel with contempt, that the terrorist group Islamic State began drawing the United States' attention--not to mention resources--away to Iraq and Syria once again. When will the United States ever learn that God blesses those that bless Israel and curses those that treat Israel with disdain (Genesis 12:3) ? God will not be mocked, and He has proven it once again.

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